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Commitment to Compassion and Patient-Centered Care

Our proficient primary care physician in Arlington, TX, is dedicated to looking after a relationship built on trust and collaboration with every individual who enters our practice.

Patient Centered

Caring for You, Not Just Your Health

At our practice, it’s not just about addressing health conditions – it’s about caring for you as an individual. We prioritize understanding what matters to you before determining the best course of action.
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Our team of experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals takes a holistic approach to ensure you receive the care you need, when and where you need it, enabling a swift recovery from pain.
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Our commitment to supporting you on your health journey goes beyond routine care. Schedule an appointment now for safe, in-person consultations or explore our virtual care options for added convenience.
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Bharmal Internal Medicine
Welcome to Bharmal Internal Medicine

Where Your Health Is Our Priority

Bharmal Internal Medicine is all about providing top-notch care, both for your everyday health and to keep things on the preventive side. Our team led by Dr. Hujefa Y. Vora is not just hardworking but also dedicated to keeping communication open and genuine, fostering a strong bond between you and your primary care physician in Arlington, TX. We’re not just about medical expertise; we’re about a commitment to our patients that radiates excellence and results in smiles all around. Plus, we’re multilingual—fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese, Gujarati, and Hindi—ensuring we can connect with patients on a global level. So, when you choose us, you’re not just picking a healthcare provider; you’re joining a caring community where you’re in good hands.

Our Commitment

Dedicated to Delivering the Highest Quality Care for Those Who Trust Our Family with Their Health

Meet Our Physician

Dr. Hujefa Y. Vora, MD

“With a focus on building meaningful partnerships with patients, we go beyond the traditional role of a doctor. We are not just your healthcare provider; but a trusted companion to your wellness.”

Hujefa Y. Vora’s childhood was shaped in Fort Worth, Texas, where his father battled end-stage renal disease for a quarter of a century. While most of his peers looked up to football players, astronauts, and movie stars, he found inspiration in the doctors who devotedly attended to his father’s health. This early life encounter instilled in Dr. Vora a profound sense of empathy for his own patients and their families.

His approach towards primary care is viewed as a sacred partnership. He initiates the patient-doctor relationship by establishing a meaningful connection with patients and their families, prioritizing trust and friendship. This philosophy transforms healthcare into a collaborative journey where he takes on roles as a diagnostician, problem-solver, and care coordinator. At the practice, where you are not just a patient; you are a vital participant in a compassionate and collaborative healthcare environment.

Hujefa Y Vora Md
Noelle Petri
Nurse Practitioner In House

Noelle Petri, FNP-C

Growing up, Noelle’s family faced some tough medical hurdles. Her mom fought breast cancer not once, but twice, her dad dealt with a rare heart condition, and she had a sister with special needs. Instead of letting these challenges bring her down, Noelle was inspired to help others as a healthcare provider, patient advocate, and care coordinator.

With experience in family practice, urgent care, and occupational medicine, Noelle is dedicated to providing holistic care for her patients, fostering their overall well-being. Her positive attitude and warm approach aim to motivate patients towards achieving their optimal state of wellness. Embracing the philosophy of Florence Nightingale, Noelle sees nursing as both an art and a science, emphasizing the importance of an active partnership with patients to promote health.

Nurse Practitioner In House

Mary, FNP-C

Mary Huynh, a proud Arlington native is deeply connected to Texas, thanks to her parents who immigrated here over four decades ago. Growing up in South Arlington, Mary discovered her calling in medicine during high school when she spent a year rotating through different hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

Mary is no stranger to accomplishments; she’s an Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner with a Masters in Nursing from The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, TX. Her education has armed her with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to provide holistic care, particularly for adults and the elderly—where she found her true calling. Recognizing the unique healthcare needs of older adults, Mary is on a mission to enhance their quality of life.

Mary Fnp
Services We Offer

Caring for Every Aspect

At Bharmal Internal Medicine, we’re all about tailoring our care to each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Hujefa Y. Vora and the entire team of medical professionals at our facility in Arlington, are big believers in building a strong connection between physicians and patients. We think this bond thrives on primary and preventive care, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.

Comfortable Healthcare Experience

We’re firm believers in approaching your health comprehensively, leaving no stone unturned. Collaborating closely with our on-site team, we provide ongoing care services that address a variety of symptoms and ailments. Whether it’s handling everyday concerns in the office or tending to patients in the hospital, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Preventive care in Arlington, Texas

Your Path to Comprehensive and Preventative Care

At the primary care center, our commitment is to bring you the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment choices. Our team, led by a board-certified primary care physician, excels in delivering the highest quality of healthcare which residents of Arlington seek.

We are more than just a healthcare provider; we’re your guide through your health journey. Prioritizing preventive care and overall health maintenance, we leverage cutting-edge diagnostic and testing tools in our modern office. We’re eager to meet you, ready to assist in getting you back on the path to wellness.

What They Say

Success Stories

Dr. Vora has been my PCP forever, I think at least 10 years. I always have issues lol, So he's seen me a lot over the years! I was referred to him from my ENT, because he was his PCP too.

Testimonial Item

Ashley Zemanek

I was referred to Dr. Vora by a friend, and I will definitely be sticking with him. He truly cares about his patients and takes the time to meet with them for as long as necessary.

Testimonial Item

Emily Panella

If I could rate this office more than five stars I would. First off , I have to recognize the amazing receptionist that was so kind and understanding to work my son in for an emergency appointment.

Testimonial Item

Angela Barrie

Take Charge of Your Well-Being!

Committed to providing exceptional care, we do so with genuine compassion and a deep concern for each and every patient. Don’t hesitate—prioritize your health today.

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