Diabetic Eye Exam In Arlington, TX

About 1 in 10 people in the United States have diabetes, which makes about 34 million people in the total population. It is a serious condition that can impact your overall health, including your eyes. That’s why, at Bharmal Internal Medicine, we offer a detailed evaluation to identify the risk of diabetic retinopathy. With the help of a diabetic eye exam in Arlington, TX, Dr. Hujefa Y Vora can assess your eye health and vision to know if they have been affected by this disease. Leaving diabetic retinopathy untreated may lead to vision loss or blindness. So, if you are a known diabetic patient, schedule an exam at our clinic today.

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    Signs Of Diabetic Retinopathy

    During the early stages of this disease, you may not notice any symptoms. It worsens over time and may eventually lead to partial or complete vision loss. Some common symptoms of diabetic retinopathy include:

    • Blurry vision
    • Dots, strings, or dark areas in your field of vision
    • Fluctuating vision
    • Inability to focus
    • Impaired color vision
    • Partial or complete loss of vision

    If you notice any of the following changes in your vision, we recommend getting a diabetic eye exam in Arlington, TX, as early as possible. With early intervention, we can save your eyes from the adverse effects of this disease.

    Who Should Get A Diabetic Eye Exam In Arlington, TX?

    People who are at a high risk of developing diabetic retinopathy should get regular evaluations to monitor their eye functions. Factors that can heighten the risk of this condition include:

    • Long duration of diabetes
    • Poor blood sugar control
    • High cholesterol
    • High blood pressure
    • Pregnancy
    • Smoking

    The American Diabetes Association suggests that people with type 1 diabetes should have their first exam during the first 5 years, while those with type 2 should receive it soon after getting diagnosed. These exams can help us determine the risk or extent of diabetic retinopathy.

    Questions About Diabetic Eye Exam ?

    Diabetic Eye Exam Procedure

    A diabetic eye exam at our Arlington, TX, practice usually takes a single appointment. We will first perform the visual acuity test, asking you to read letters of different sizes from a certain distance. For the next test, we use special eye drops to dilate your pupils. It helps us examine the inside of your eyes more clearly.

    Our physician will use an ophthalmoscope to visualize your retina and notice any possible abnormalities. While your pupils are dilated, we may also perform some other tests, such as optical coherence tomography and fluorescein angiography, to assess the retina and the surrounding blood vessels.

    Based on the results of these diagnostic tests, we will determine if your eyes have been affected by diabetes. Our healthcare providers will also give you the necessary guidelines to improve your lifestyle and help you maintain normal blood sugar levels.

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    If you or a family member have diabetes, schedule a diabetic eye exam in Arlington, TX, today to keep your eyes healthy. Call us at (817) 784-0052 to book an appointment.

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