In-Office IV Therapy In Arlington, TX

Many treatments involve the intake of oral medicines that absorb through the digestive tract. But in some urgent cases, you may require an infusion directly into your bloodstream to achieve faster results. Luckily, at Bharmal Internal Medicine, we offer in-office IV therapy in Arlington, TX, for immediate management and treatment of certain health conditions. Based on your age, health, body weight, and other factors, Dr. Hujefa Y Vora will adjust the dosage of IV drip. Using this technique, we can safely administer larger doses that cannot be given orally. Schedule an appointment with our medical specialists today to learn more about the procedure details.

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    Types Of In-Office IV Therapy In Arlington, TX

    With the help of IV therapy in Arlington, TX, we can deliver medications, nutrients, and other natural substances directly into your bloodstream. It has many types, depending on your requirements and medical needs. Some common types include:

    • Hydration therapy: If you have significant dehydration, you will require urgent medical care to replenish your body’s water content. We can replace the lost fluid volume and electrolytes by administering them intravenously.
    • Vitamin therapy: Whether you want to boost your immune system or improve your energy levels, this is the best solution. It delivers a safe dose of essential vitamins and minerals directly into your blood.
    • Antibiotic therapy: Many acute infections may not respond quickly to oral medications and require IV administration of antibiotics. We can safely deliver them into your bloodstream to minimize the symptoms of bacterial infections.

    Is IV Therapy Safe?

    If you are concerned about the risks of IV administration, rest assured that it is a safe technique done under the supervision of our senior physicians. You will first have a consultation with Dr. Hujefa Y Vora, who will assess your medical condition. Our team will also review your medical history and may perform necessary lab tests to ensure whether an IV infusion is safe for you. If you have any known allergies or conditions, don’t hesitate to mention them during your consultation.

    If you are a good candidate for our in-office IV therapy in Arlington, TX, we will discuss the procedure steps beforehand. We will disinfect your hand or arm area and insert a thin needle in your blood vein. You may only feel a slight pinch during this step. After securing the needle and catheter, we will connect it to an IV bag and adjust the flow rate. Our staff will monitor your vital signs throughout the entire duration to avoid any risks or complications.

    Questions About In-Office IV Therapy In Arlington, TX ?

    How Long Does In-Office IV Infusion Take?

    The duration taken by in-office IV therapy at our Arlington, TX, clinic may range from about 30 minutes to a few hours. It depends on the type of therapy, the amount of substances to be delivered, and the flow rate. Administering fluids, nutrients, or medications at a high rate may cause systemic complications. For this reason, we adjust the flow rate of the IV drip to slowly infuse the substances in your bloodstream. This way, your body can adapt better, and there are minimal risks to your health.

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