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Preventive healthcare refers to the prevention of illness and the reduction of disease or any associated risk factors. At Bharmal Internal Medicine, we offer a host of preventive services to our patients, all of which are designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. From screening tests to wellness exams and physicals, you can count on Dr. Hujefa Vora and our entire team of medical professionals to care for you and your loved ones.

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    Dr. Vora has spent years working with patients of all different ages and health conditions. Empowered by helping others find solutions to health concerns, Dr. Vora believes in building a strong doctor-patient relationship right from the start. Unlike many other primary care physicians, Dr. Vora is committed to his patients at every turn. Whether you are due for a physical exam or find yourself in the hospital, Dr. Vora will be there. Unlike other physicians who hand their patients over to other doctors when admitted to the hospital, Dr. Vora will remain by your side. All of our preventive care services are customized to each individual and designed to benefit your health and lifestyle.

    Our Preventive Care Services

    Preventive care is an important component of a patient’s overall healthcare plan. By taking charge of your health with the assistance and expertise of Dr. Vora, you will be better prepared for the curveballs life throws at you. We offer the following preventive care services at our office:

    • Cancer Screening
    • Cardiovascular Screening
    • Men’s and Women’s Healthcare
    • Skin Screening
    • Weight Loss Management
    • Wellness Exams & Physicals

    Questions About Preventive Care ?

    Why Bharmal Internal Medicine?

    Preventive care is an approach to your healthcare that is designed to detect any problems before the symptoms even arise. By choosing Dr. Vora and Bharmal Internal Medicine as your primary care physician, you will be taking control of your health. All of our preventive care services are individualized to meet your needs and health concerns, something not all physicians offer. Dr. Vora’s unparalleled commitment to patient satisfaction and health is undeniable. To see for yourself, schedule an appointment at Bharmal Internal Medicine today.

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