Moiz Shafiq
 Great doctor with great demeanor and impressive fund of knowledge. I am a physician and he takes care of my parents. I trust his judgement & recommendations completely.  
Sandy Holmes
 Dr. Vora, Noelle, and his staff are truly the very best. If any DFW friends are looking for a great physician, I highly recommend Dr. Vora. Among many other things, he has sat with me in ICU, held my hand while I cried, as he told me I had breast cancer, and been in preop at 6:30 am, sitting with me, before my mastectomy. Now? He and Noelle are helping me through , as Sheldon Cooper would say, "some sort of other fresh hell." They are just down to earth, compassionate, wonderful people, in addition to being bloody smart medical professionals. 
Self-verified patient of Dr. Hujefa Y Vora
 Dr. Vora is very personable and seemed truly interested in helping me. He took his time and answered my questions. I didn't feel rushed at all. Would recommend. 
Mohammad Hamatah
 Best doctor I've ever had I would call him super doctor I had a lot of pain came in to his office as an emergency appointment he was so good that he called the specialist and made me a same day appointment and a next day surgery after he knew that I called 14 specialist that day and the soonest appointment I can get was not for another week . He is my super doctor . Would recommend him to all my friends and family . 
Jimmy Pamela Wilson
 Hands down the best provider I've ever had. My husband and I absolutely love going to him. He listens and explains things very well. We plan on going to him got years to come! 
Nina Messer
 I called the office at a quarter to 9 feeling sick. I was told to come right over. When I signed in, I was told they would be with me in a few minutes. By 10:00am I was out the door with prescriptions already faxed to the pharmacy. I felt like family.