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Each year, millions of young children and teenagers return to school or enroll in organized sports activities and summer camps. Many of these programs require students to undergo a physical exam to assess their health and fitness. At Bharmal Internal Medicine, we provide comprehensive school physicals in Arlington, TX, for students of all ages. Our skilled and compassionate team, led by Dr. Hujefa Y Vora, will carefully examine your child’s medical history, physical health, vital signs, and overall well-being. We will ensure that your child gets a safe and healthy start to the new school year! Schedule an appointment today.

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    Benefits Of Annual School Physicals

    Many children and teenagers may face different health issues during the developmental changes that occur over the years. Getting routine school physicals in Arlington, TX, can help ensure your kid’s health before they return to school or participate in a sports activity. We can assess possible risk factors and address them early before they impact their overall well-being.

    These visits also help parents and guardians better understand their child’s healthcare needs. Whether your child is going through mental, physical, or emotional stress, our caring professionals will discuss the best solutions to improve their health.

    If they get enrolled in a sports event or any athletic activity, we can test their physical fitness to assess whether they qualify for participation. Moreover, we can also check their vaccination status and ensure they get immunized at the right time.

    What To Expect From School Physicals In Arlington, TX?

    Our clinic offers a welcoming and friendly environment to help your child feel at ease during routine exams. Upon your arrival, we will first ask you to fill out some forms by providing basic information about your child’s health, medical history, and lifestyle habits. We will also review the vaccination records to ensure that your child’s immunizations are up-to-date.

    After reviewing the medical history, we will perform a physical exam to assess their health. We will check their vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, and weight. The physical exam also helps us analyze your kid’s growth and development pattern.

    The overall procedure typically takes less than an hour. It is painless and does not involve any invasive techniques that may induce anxiety. Our compassionate staff will ensure that your child remains relaxed throughout the exam.

    Questions About School Physicals ?

    What Happens After A School Physical?

    Our Arlington, TX, practice performs detailed school physicals to assess your child’s health and eliminate possible risk factors. After performing the exam and recording their medical data, we will discuss your child’s healthcare needs and suggest the most effective options for their well-being.

    If we notice signs of any underlying medical condition, we may recommend further tests to achieve a proper diagnosis. With early intervention, we can tackle several health issues before they diminish your child’s fitness. We will also provide a report that will indicate whether your child is fit enough to attend school or participate in a sports event. By scheduling regular physicals, you can stay updated on your child’s health.

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