Suture Removal in Arlington, TX

If you recently had a traumatic injury or undergone a surgical procedure that required sutures, you may need a follow-up appointment for their removal. At Bharmal Internal Medicine, we practice the latest techniques for safe and easy suture removal in Arlington, TX. About 10 to 14 days after suture placement, Dr. Hujefa Y Vora will schedule a visit to remove them with utmost care. Getting your sutures removed at the right time facilitates healing and prevents the risk of infection. Visit our facility or schedule an appointment today.

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    Why Is It Necessary To Get Sutures Removed?

    When a doctor places sutures over a wound or surgical incision, the aim is to close the gap and fasten the healing process. Some types of sutures are resorbable, meaning they dissolve over time and do not require removal. However, many commonly used sutures are non-resorbable. If they are left in for too long, they can cause inflammation, skin irritation, and scarring. It also makes it harder to remove them from the skin later on.

    That’s why our Arlington, TX, team practices safe suture removal techniques. Once your wound begins to heal within 10 to 14 days, we will schedule an appointment to remove the sutures. The procedure is painless and typically takes a few minutes.

    How Suture Removal Works In Arlington, TX?

    Keep in mind that suture removal cannot be done at home and requires an experienced professional. If you attempt the suture removal on your own, it may cause further complications. We take precautionary measures to avoid the risk of contamination during suture removal. Our team will first examine your wound to look for signs of infection, swelling, or other issues.

    If the wound is healing properly, we will clean and disinfect the area before removing sutures. We will then gently cut the sutures with a suture scissor or blade and extract those using forceps. Generally, the process is painless and does not require anesthesia, as our experts perform it with extreme care. You may only feel a slight pinch or tugging sensation that fades away within a few seconds.

    Questions About Suture Removal ?

    Caring For Your Wound After Suture Removal

    After removing the sutures from your wound, our healthcare professional may place a dressing or bandage over it. If the wound appears to be healing well on its own, then it may not require any dressing. In that case, our Arlington, TX, team will give you the necessary instructions after suture removal.

    It is important to keep your wound clean and infection-free at all times. We may prescribe an oral or topical antibiotic to minimize the risk of infection. Avoid doing such tasks that may put stress on your wound or expose it to harmful organisms. To keep your health in check, visit us for follow-up appointments.

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    Bharmal Internal Medicine offers same-day care for your health concerns. If you require suture removal in Arlington, TX, visit our clinic today. Our compassionate team will cater to your needs, ensuring your health and safety at all costs. Call us at (817) 784-0052 to book an appointment.

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