TB Skin Test In Arlington, TX

Tuberculosis (TB) is a serious bacterial disease that primarily affects your lungs but can also affect other parts of the body. Many infected people remain asymptomatic as the bacteria are dormant, but they may develop active disease at any time. To diagnose the presence of this disease, Dr. Hujefa Y Vora performs the TB skin test in Arlington, TX. It is a simple test that typically requires two visits. After obtaining the test results, our physicians will guide you on the best measures to maintain your health. If you want to know how this test works, schedule an appointment at Bharmal Internal Medicine today.

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    Who Should Get A TB Skin Test?

    Our Arlington, TX, professionals recommend a TB skin test to all those individuals who are present with symptoms of this disease or are in the high-risk category. The risk factors include:

    • Being in close contact with someone with an active TB infection
    • Traveling to regions where the number of TB cases is high
    • Working in a high-risk environment such as a hospital, nursing home, or homeless shelter
    • Having weak immunity due to immunocompromising diseases or medications
    • Having pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or kidney disease
    • Being malnourished or having a low body weight

    How Do We Perform A TB Skin Test In Arlington, TX?

    A TB skin test, also known as a tuberculin skin test (TST), is a simple diagnostic technique that aids in the diagnosis of tuberculosis. The test may seem daunting at first, but the procedure is quite straightforward. On the first visit, we will inject a small amount of tuberculin, which is the purified protein derived from dead TB bacteria, beneath the skin of your forearm. Soon after the injection, you will notice a small bump on the site, known as a wheal.

    After 24 to 78 hours, you will have a follow-up appointment in which we will measure the size of the wheal. Using information from your medical history and the test readings, we can assess whether or not you have a TB infection.

    Questions About TB Skin Test ?

    Interpreting The Test Results

    After the second stage of the TB skin test in Arlington, TX, our physician will evaluate the readings. If the wheal is smaller than 5mm, it indicates a negative test result. Typically, this means that you have not been infected with tuberculosis. However, if you had a recent exposure, we may repeat the test after 8 to 12 weeks.

    On the other hand, a measurement over 5mm can signify a positive test result. It indicates that you have been infected with the TB bacteria, but it does not necessarily mean that you have an active infection. People with latent TB can also have a positive test result. To confirm the diagnosis, we will perform some other tests such as a blood test, sputum test, or chest X-ray.

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    Getting an early evaluation for TB can save your life. If you or a family member have been recently exposed to this disease, schedule a TB skin test in Arlington, TX, today to obtain a diagnosis. Call us at (817) 784-0052 to book an appointment.

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